2019 – 2020 Season (5)

2019-20 Calendar of Events!


Monday November 18th, 2019 we will be cooking with Chef Kyle Rennie, of the upscale King Street Trio, in Uptown Waterloo. Watch for an interesting menu!

Monday October 28th, 2019  this will be a self-guided event, featuring past favourite menu courses selected by the Executive.

Monday, September 16, 2019 We’ll be kicking off our 5th season, once again cooking under the direction of Ignite Group’s Culinary Director, Chef Brian McCourt. We're back in the teaching labs at Conestoga College and Chef wants to challenge us a bit more, feeling he took it too easy on us when we visited with him in the Rich Uncle Tavern's kitchen! See photos of the event here.


SPECIAL NOTE: Mark your calendars for October 1st - 4th, 2020 when our Chapter will be honoured to host the Fall Executive of Les Marmitons International. Details to come but there will be ample opportunity to meet new friends from across LMI's 19 chapters, showcase the Region and our host venue, as well as to participate with them in a cooking event at Conestoga College on Saturday October 3rd.